[T10] SPC-5 r11 is available for download

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Sat Jul 30 18:21:46 PDT 2016

Incorporating all the proposals approved in Denver, SPC-5 r11 is not 
available for your reading enjoyment.


Four substantive typos were discovered in data structure format tables 
during the incorporation of 16-067r5 (PREPARE BINDING REPORT command). 
All four were corrected by the editor, in consultation with the proposal 
authors where necessary.

In recognition of the fact that programmers are known to implement by 
reading only the pictures, a toe tag (aka Editor's note) has been 
attached to each of the four miscreants. Anticipating that there will be 
an SPC-5 r12, a proposal is being prepared to "do the right thing" with 
the Editor's notes.

Two other major enhancements can be found in SPC-5 r11: SCSI Feature 
Sets and Tape Stream Mirroring. Since the editor always reads and 
sanity-corrects multi-page proposals, persons with passionate interests 
are encouraged to open the PDF to see what glyphs hit the pages.

All the best,


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