[T10] (Very) late letter ballot comment on SAT-4.

Wanamaker, Neil (Consultant - Insight Global) neil.wanamaker at hpe.com
Tue Jul 5 14:56:01 PDT 2016

While proofreading SAT-4r05f, it struck me that there was some missing material in Clause 11 (error reporting), related to the LBA in error (e.g., UNRECOVERABLE READ ERROR), current write pointer (the editor took great pains with sense data for those commands victimized by collateral abort, but not a command guilty of UNALIGNED WRITE or WRITE BOUNDARY VIOLATION), or FINAL LBA IN ERROR (from Rebuild Assist).

While I will prepare a proposal to address these omissions, I would appreciate some guidance as to whether this should be a "shall" or "should", and whether now or deferred to SAT-5 (should there be a SAT-5 project).

Neil Wanamaker
Insight Global @ HPE
neil.wanamaker at hpe.com<mailto:nathan.seiler at insightglobal.net>

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