[T10] FW: Re: T10 Working Draft Assignment: sat4r05k

Wanamaker, Neil (Consultant - Insight Global) neil.wanamaker at hpe.com
Fri Aug 26 16:53:16 PDT 2016

I have posted an updated SAT-4 draft. This is mostly cleanup of typos plus some changes requested at the last concall for consistency with other standards. 

Changes include:

Fixing double periods
Removing red text (i.e., deleted text that didn't get deleted when I accepted changes) in table 135
Remove empty rows from tables 87, 88, 108
Remove null footers (where there used to be footnotes) from tables 175, 177 
Remove two empty columns from table 164 
Clarification of "ALLOCATION LENGTH" vs "allocation length" in formulas in SECURITY PROTOCOL IN/OUT (the latter is a defined term meaning the contents of the former field)
Corrected missing returns in some glossary entries (so the definition is actually on the line following the term being defined) 
Uncapitalized Table 50 references.
Removed empty paragraph 3.2.3
Corrected paragraph type in Notes to entry in Keyword section (missed when this was done for glossary
Removed stray periods from a couple of tables
Made table columns headed "Reference" contain clause references; those headed "Description" contain "See clause n.n.n." 
Removed redundant rows (first two) from Table 19, per Concall discussion 
Corrected unfortunate page breaks.
Made sentence structure for non-CHECK CONDITION statuses in REQUEST SENSE processing match CHECK CONDITION status format used elsewhere in the document. 
Corrected list structures in 8.12.1 and 9.34.1.

Neil Wanamaker
Insight Global @ HPE

neil.wanamaker at hpe.com

2016/08/26 16:08:47 

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