[T10] Tape Stream Miroring incorporation into SPC-5 r11 feedback

Dennis Appleyard dennis.appleyard at oracle.com
Mon Aug 8 18:40:21 PDT 2016

I agree with your changes.

Ralph Weber wrote:
> With the following exceptions, the changes shown below have been 
> marked for inclusion in SPC-4 r12.
>     * The page 281 change is covered in a separate email.
>     * On page 200, the editor prefers the e.g. because it allows a
>       future proposal to define a second segment descriptor that
>       starts a tape stream mirroring operation and not accidentally
>       create letter ballot comment opportunities by forgetting to
>       modify the cited text.
>     * Regarding the TSMC bit discussion on page 201. Since the device
>       is **always** the entity that sets the value in any VPD page
>       bit, the editor is a big fan of removing "being set to one". To
>       whit, requiring support for the bit is sufficient, which is what
>       the modified text will say. Product specs and/or other
>       mechanisms can define its value. Thank you to the reviewers for
>       granting license to remove this text. It will be done.
>     * The change proposed for page 280 will not be made because the
>       cited sentence is the first sentence in the formal description
>       of the tape stream mirroring segment descriptor. Especially in
>       this location, the details which the proposed change would
>       remove are essential to eliminating future claims that the
>       standard is inconsistent.
> All the best,
> .Ralph
> On 8/3/2016 9:32 PM, Dennis Appleyard wrote:
>> Kevin,
>> Thanks for the review.
>> My comments are inline below.
>> Dennis
>> On 8/1/2016 1:09 PM, Kevin D Butt wrote:
>>> Ralph, Dennis, and all,
>>> I have 10 comments related to the incorporation of Tape Stream 
>>> Mirroring into SPC-5r11. I included an fdf, but also wrote it out in 
>>> text since I think Dennis can't do fdf's and I am not sure how an 
>>> attached fdf will get processed by the reflector.
>>> I admit, some of the comments are not strictly incorporation issues, 
>>> so I have split them into one list of strictly incorporation issues, 
>>> and one list that is more (and may need a proposal written if there 
>>> is consensus that they should be changed)
>>> *Strictly incorporation issues:*
>>> On page 280, table 142, byte 8, there are missing vertical lines in 
>>> the table.
>> Agree
>>> On page 281, fourth paragraph, "then the <<copy manager shall and 
>>> device server shall>>establish a
>>> deferred error condition with CHECK CONDITION status" I think there 
>>> is something wrong with "copy manager shall and device server shall" 
>>> The device server is the one to establish a deferred error. The copy 
>>> manager has a requirement to terminate the copy operation which was 
>>> just stated prior to the then, so what does the copy manager need to 
>>> do here? I think, perhaps, the "copy manager shall and" should be 
>>> deleted, but perhaps there was intent to have something here.
>> I suggest changing to "then the copy  manager shall direct the device 
>> server to establish a deferred error condition" This was the wording 
>> in the proposal.
>>> *Other issues:*
>>> On page 200, third paragraph, I think the "e.g." should be an "i.e."
>> Agree
>>> On page 201, first paragraph, "SSC-5 or ADC-4" should be "SSC-5 and 
>>> ADC-4".
>> Agree
>>> On page 201, first paragraph, "A sequential-access device that 
>>> supports the tape stream mirroring copy
>>> operation shall support the TSMC bit in the Sequential-access Device 
>>> Capabilities VPD page (see SSC-5)being set to one." This is a VPD 
>>> page. I think it should say "shall set ... to one" instead of "shall 
>>> support ... being set to one"
>> I think text should not be changed or should have "being set to one." 
>> removed.
>> The TSMC bit set to one indicates that the device is capable of tape 
>> stream mirroring as set by a method outside the scope of the standard 
>> (operator
>> panel) or set by a Set Tape Stream Mirroring command from the ADC 
>> interface when a library configures its drives. The TSMC bit set to 
>> zero indicates that
>> the device is not capable of tape stream mirroring because it knows 
>> nothing about tape stream mirroring or that tape stream mirroring has 
>> been made not available by a operator panel or the Set Tape Stream 
>> Mirroring command from the ADC interface.
>>> On page 204, row for 19h, "The equivalent affects of data transfer 
>>> and positioning requested for the copy source shall be mirrored to 
>>> the specified CSCD as equivalent data transfers and positioning 
>>> requests to those processed for the copy source. Mirroring shall 
>>> continue until stopped by the copy manager."  
>>>     1) The word "affects" should be "effects" and
>> Agree
>>>     2) "as equivalent data transfers and positioning requests to 
>>> those processed for the copy source" actually detracts from the 
>>> intent. I think the entire quoted text from "as" to the end of the 
>>> sentence should be deleted.
>> Agree
>>> On page 280, first paragraph, "tape copy source" and "tape copy 
>>> destination" should have the word "tape" deleted. There is already a 
>>> requirement in third paragraph below the table to enforce the 
>>> peripheral device type to be 01h.
>> Agree
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>>> From:        Ralph Weber <roweber at ieee.org>
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>>> Date:        07/30/2016 18:32
>>> Subject:        [T10] SPC-5 r11 is available for download
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>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> Incorporating all the proposals approved in Denver, SPC-5 r11 is not
>>> available for your reading enjoyment.
>>> http://www.t10.org/cgi-bin/ac.pl?t=f&f=spc5r11.pdf 
>>> <http://www.t10.org/cgi-bin/ac.pl?t=f&f=spc5r11.pdf>
>>> Four substantive typos were discovered in data structure format tables
>>> during the incorporation of 16-067r5 (PREPARE BINDING REPORT command).
>>> All four were corrected by the editor, in consultation with the 
>>> proposal
>>> authors where necessary.
>>> In recognition of the fact that programmers are known to implement by
>>> reading only the pictures, a toe tag (aka Editor's note) has been
>>> attached to each of the four miscreants. Anticipating that there 
>>> will be
>>> an SPC-5 r12, a proposal is being prepared to "do the right thing" with
>>> the Editor's notes.
>>> Two other major enhancements can be found in SPC-5 r11: SCSI Feature
>>> Sets and Tape Stream Mirroring. Since the editor always reads and
>>> sanity-corrects multi-page proposals, persons with passionate interests
>>> are encouraged to open the PDF to see what glyphs hit the pages.
>>> All the best,
>>> .Ralph
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