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Another late letter ballot comment from Seagate.

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Date: Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 9:51 AM
Subject: Advance Credit comment
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Cc: Erik J Lavan <erik.j.lavan at seagate.com>

I believe that the first reference to the Advance Credit message should
be Advance Credit *(Received)* message like it is in the second case: SSP_TCM (transmit frame credit monitor) state machine
The SSP_TCM state machine’s function is to ensure that transmit SSP frame
credit is available before a frame is transmitted. This state machine
consists of one state.

This state machine shall keep track of the number of transmit SSP frame
credits available.

*If an Advance Credit message is received*, then this state machine shall:
1) increment transmit SSP frame credit by one frame;
2) ignore the first RRDY Received message received; and
3) add one transmit SSP frame credit for each subsequent RRDY Received
message received.

*If an Advance Credit (Received) message is not received*, then this state
machine shall add one transmit SSP frame credit for each RRDY Received
message received.


Judy Westby
Seagate Technology

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