Query regarding response of MODE SENSE10 command

Munjal Mistry munjal_mistry at mentor.com
Mon Feb 23 23:41:58 PST 2015

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I have a query regarding mode page transfer with MODE SENSE 10 command 
with PC=01b.
As per the SPC-4 specification (Topic-6.13.3 Changeable values), device 
returns a mask denoting those mode parameters that are changeable i.e. 
other than changeable parameter's value shall be set to 0.
Here, my confusion is about the value of first 2 bytes of mode pages 
which indicates {PS, SPF, PAGE CODE} in 1st byte and {PAGE LENGTH} in 
2nd byte. Will it be driven 0 (as it can't be changed) or it's actual 
value will be driven with PC=01b?
Similarly, for mode parameter header, what could be the value of {MODE 
Thank you.
Warm Regards,
Munjal Mistry
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