tool to validate iscsi commands

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Ronnie Sahlburg has an iSCSI-based test suite for linux that you might find
SNIA presentation in 2013:
2014 announcement adding support for /dev/sg devices:
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Subject: SCSI test tool for linux (and others)
I have recently converted my iscsi based test suite to allow running
it against /dev/sg* devices in addition to iscsi targets.
The purpose here is to create a tool that can be used by vendors to
test that their device will be well supported by the Linux SCSI stack.
To have a tool that you can send to vendors and ask that "please run
these tests, if you pass you have higher probability to interoperate
well with us".
In order to do this I added a new "Family" of tests to my tool, which
I called LINUX.
LINUX.*.* currently runs some >150 different suites/tests and hundreds
of thousands of individual checks/asserts.
Robert Elliott, HP Server Storage
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Subject: tool to validate iscsi commands
I wounder to know if there is an iSCSI tool to generate iSCSI commands.
I have to code the MODE_SENSE_6 - CONTROL_MODE_PAGE that only VMWare iSCSI is
requesting. The microsoft initiator and linux open-iscsi are not requesting
I coded this message as says "7.5.10 Control mode page
- Table 415", but I am not sure ho to validate it.
Does the better way is to use some tool to send this exactly command and
check it?

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