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Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Mon May 5 20:32:19 PDT 2014

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A document that rolls approved and nearly approved ZBC proposals into a
properly linked whole has been posted:
The approved proposals in 14-125r0 are:
  *   14-007r9 – ZBC definitions and model clauses
  *   14-015r2 – ZBC parameters (clause 6)
  *   14-025r4 – ZBC common model references (clause 4)
The nearly approved proposals in 14-125r0 are:
  *   14-009r6 – ZBC model clauses for zone types
[14-009r7 recommended but not available]
  *   14-010r8 – ZBC Proposed Commands
[close, but no cigar in the recommendation column]
[nonetheless, necessary for completeness]
All the best,

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