Five Step Plan for a less weighty SPC-5

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Some of my engineers are asking why we don't pare down SPC-5 by also 
pulling out into separate documents the following sections which in their 
minds technically doesn't really belong in SPC.
Document 1: Annex F (Numeric order codes) and Annex G (T10 vendor 
identification) The additional sense codes table in section 4 should also 
be removed.  Section 4 is sorted alphabetically and Annex F is sorted 
numerically, so it is the same stuff anyway.  The section 4, Sense Data, 
should point to this new document instead of listing them all.	Most 
people go to the web to get this information anyway.
Document 2: Third Party Copy - all of it.  The model, the VPD, the 
commands, etc.
Document 3: Well Known Logical Units are its' own device type.	This 
should be in a different standard that is stand-alone.
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A Five Step path has been mapped out in order to pare SPC-5 down by as 
much as 300 pages ... so that it can be the super thin (well, at least 
less bulky) SPC-5 everybody want to see.
The first four obsolescence steps to a sure-fire smaller SPC-5 are:
Ashcanning the third-party copy LID1 commands;
Sending Access Controls to wherever the dinosaurs went;
Edselizing Alias Lists;
and last but by no means least ...
Putting the deep freeze on Capability-based Command Security
The fifth and final SPC-5 slenderizer step is actual two steps in one:
Remove SFSC content from SPC-5;
Build SFSC revision 00
If you have not already purchased tickets to Colorado Springs, now would 
be a good time to correct that slip of the wrist. There's going to be a 
gigantic text roast in our favorite July stomping ground this year.
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