Five Step Plan for a less weighty SPC-5

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Thu Jun 26 17:18:42 PDT 2014

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A Five Step path has been mapped out in order to pare SPC-5 down by as much
as 300 pages ... so that it can be the super thin (well, at least less bulky)
SPC-5 everybody want to see.
The first four obsolescence steps to a sure-fire smaller SPC-5 are:
  *   Ashcanning the third-party copy LID1 commands;
  *   Sending Access Controls to wherever the dinosaurs went;
  *   Edselizing Alias Lists;
and last but by no means least ...
  *   Putting the deep freeze on Capability-based Command Security
The fifth and final SPC-5 slenderizer step is actual two steps in one:
  *   Remove SFSC content from SPC-5;
  *   Build SFSC revision 00
If you have not already purchased tickets to Colorado Springs, now would be a
good time to correct that slip of the wrist. There's going to be a gigantic
text roast in our favorite July stomping ground this year.
All the best,

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