T10.org will be down August 7 through August 9

John Lohmeyer lohmeyerjohn at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 15:01:22 PDT 2014

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The T10.org server is physically being moved from Colorado Springs to San
Jose. It is expected to be out of service from 5:00pm MDT on Thursday
August 7, 2014 until around 10:00pm PDT on Saturday August 9, 2014.
When t10.org first comes back up, please expect that some of the services
like requesting document numbers will not be responsive. Such requests will
be queued up, but you will not receive the document numbers for up to a day
later. I will post additional reflector messages when I can.
Please note that the machine's IP address will change to
Please use my Avago email address (john.lohmeyer at avagotech.com) during the
Thanks for your patience during this move.

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