Which takes precidence for Close in ?

Craig Stoops Craig.Stoops at synopsys.com
Tue Oct 29 15:43:50 PDT 2013

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HI George,
In section it is stated:
If a Close Connection request was received, then this transition shall
include a Close Connection argument.
If a Begin Close message was received, then this transition shall include a
Full Duplex Close argument.
Both of these could be true at the same time, the PL requesting close and an
RRDY / EXTEND (CLOSE) came in from an expander that set the Begin Close msg.
In this case which takes precedence? I would think it should be the Begin
Close as that will result in a full duplex close to the remote end. But the
spec has neither a ordered list nor exclusive language, and the 1st one
listed is not the one that I think should take effect.
Thoughts? Do we need some edit in this area?

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