Summary of SPC-4 review that was oriented toward SBC-3 publication

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Mon Oct 21 05:26:03 PDT 2013

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The 16 October conference call asked me to ascertain whether any SPC-4 Letter
Ballot comments might need to be discussed in Tucson regarding those parts of
SPC-4 that affect SBC-3 background scan operations. To do this, I have
inspected every SPC-4 Letter Ballot comment in or near text that contains the
word 'background', with the following results.
Every comment in model clause 5.3 (Device specific background functions) was
resolved by SPC-4 r36i at the latest, except for one very very very editorial
comment about the phrasing of a subclause title.
Every comment in model subclause 5.11.3 (Log parameter pollable device
condition information) was resolved by SPC-4 r36j at the latest.
None of the comments in model clause 5.12 (Power management) relate to
background operations of any kind, but they will be resolved in SPC-4 r36m
when it is posted in about ten days.
With the exception of repetition of that very nettlesome editorial comment,
every comment in 5.15 (Self-test operations) will have been resolved by the
end of the November '13 T10 meeting week, and all comments with a potential
to affect SBC-3 will be resolved when SPC-4 r36m is posted.
In 7.3.12 (Power Condition Transitions log page), 7.5.12 (Power Condition
mode page), and 7.5.13 (Power Consumption mode page), no comments were found
that seem to bear on SBC-3, but several were processed (some with resolutions
in SPC-4 r36m) and all will have been resolved by the end of the November '13
T10 meeting week.
N.B. The "resolutions" described above include a notable number of
rejections. I cannot speak to the chances that the rejections will be
All the best,

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