Revised fixes uploaded for WD SBC-3 issues

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Wed Oct 16 04:44:03 PDT 2013

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A new revision of 13-257 has been uploaded to resolve all but one of the
concerns raised during yesterday's conference call.
The unresolved topic is the way the proposal (intentionally) moves the focus
of caching changes for verify from the verify operation to the verify medium
The changes not made are:
  *   restoring write medium operations to the glossary definition for verify
operations; and
  *   all changes to the caching enhancements to the verify operation.
There is no need for the caching enhancements to affect the definition of the
verify operation. The verify operation can remain a one-to-one equivalence
with the verify medium operation because the only caching change is the
addition of a write medium operation (i.e., only the way the medium is
handled during a verify changes due to caching). This change flows directly
|from the underlying requirements for verify, which makes it very easy for
readers to understand.
This approach cuts directly to the heart of the difference between a verify
medium operation and a read medium operation (i.e., one of the reasons why a
verify medium operation is associated with a different medium error-handling
mode page).
I believe this perspective adjustment improves the readability of SBC-3 by
eliminating complexity in the form of requirements that do not reflect
real-world necessities.
All the best,

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