Discussion on 12-104 -- Synchronize Cache progress indicaction proposal

Elliott, Robert (Server Storage) Elliott at hp.com
Wed Aug 1 07:33:39 PDT 2012

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I recommend using a mode page that is defined in SBC-n; don't litter SPC-n
with more peripheral device type specific content.  The Extended Device-Type
Specific mode page (16h) was designed for this purpose.
I would use these meanings:
Command handling during synchronize cache operations
00b = don't terminate commands; don't provide progress indication (legacy
01b = don't terminate media access commands (let them wait)
	   provide pollable sense data with NO SENSE/SYNCHRONIZE CACHE IN
PROGRESS (ASC=00h based)
10b = terminate media access commands with NOT READY/LOGICAL UNIT NOT READY,
11b = reserved
Rob Elliott    HP Server Storage
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Subject: Discussion on 12-104 -- Synchronize Cache progress indicaction
Discussion of 12-104 rev. 3 (Add progress indication to SYNCHRONIZE CACHE
commands) at the July CAP meeting suggested adding a two bit mode page field
to control which response should be provided. The three choices are
unsupported, supported with queuing commands, and supported with aborting
commands. That discussion didn't recommend which mode page to use, however.
I think the Control Extension mode page is the most obvious choice (there
aren't any two bit fields available in the Control mode page unless we either
make the page larger or break into an obsolete field). Does everyone agree
with this choice? If you think a different mode page is more appropriate,
please reply to this email.

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