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I was reviewing the CAP discussion of the T10 Reflector posting
replicated below and noticed an oversight in the discussion.
A significant part of the concerns raised are related to the
Sleep power condition and its definition in T10 standards other
than MMC.
SPC-x has not had any references to the Sleep power condition
in MMC or anywhere else (except for an additional sense code
definition) since SPC-2. The same is true for SBC-x and SAM-x,
where Sleep was removed from the specs after SBC and SAM-2.
Although earlier versions of all three standards contain such
references, they are published standards which should not be
amended because of this. Numerous later versions of SAM-x,
SPC-x, and SBC-x display the obsolete nature of Sleep in
these technologies.
As a footnote, attempts to restore the Sleep power condition
to these standards were set aside, at least temporarily, by
a 4:11 straw poll in the SAS Protocol working group. See:
All the best,
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> Dear John,
> I have one report, one consulting item and one question.
> Report:
> Fuji group has started new period of Fuji Ver. 8 to discuss ODD command set
> (MMC). It will expand function of some existing Command and will expand the
> response data. It may not add new Command or new SK/ASC/ASCQ. We have a
plan to
> release Rev. 1.00 on March 2011. Then it will be submitted to SFFC/T10.
> We welcome any comment from you and T10 members.
> Consulting item:
> MMC has a unique Power Condition State that is Sleep Power Condition. It
has the
> lowest power consumption and missing of some device context is possible.
> Therefore when a device recovered from the Sleep Power Condition state the
> device may report Unit Attention Condition. This is different from Stopped
> Condition.
> Fuji group think that SPC may have a reference to MMC5 description about
> Power Condition as well as the reference to SBC.
> Could you discuss this in T10?
> Question:
> I have question about MMC6 current condition. You wrote "it is at INCITS
> Management Review" in the answer email to Atishay at Oct. 28. As you know,
> has some errors and no one may revise them now.
> Could you explain the meaning of "INCITS Management Review"?
> Best regards,
> Keiji Katata
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