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Mon Jan 24 14:17:03 PST 2011

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Hi, everyone.
Curtis Ballard and I were discussing SPC-4's conflicting statements
about whether every mode page has a vendor-specific range of subpage
codes.	His analysis is: 
	MODE SELECT(6) has a table for mode page codes for all devices
(table 164) which lists sub_pages E0h to FEh as vendor specific for
every page except 3Fh.	For  the page range 20h to 3Eh even more
sub_pages are vendor specific.
	But if you look at the tables in the mode parameters section
those ranges say "see specific device type".
That refers to Table 398, which conflicts with Table 164 for page codes
02h, 09h,15h, and 16h.	(164 says to see the device standard; 398 says
they're reserved.)  I don't recall the details of the discussion in CAP
about this.
Changes would be needed to (at least) Table 398 and to various device
standards (SSC-4 and ADC-3, for starters).
So, I'd first like to get the sense of the group:  Does anyone *not*
want a vendor subpage range available for most mode pages?  (We can sort
out which specific pages shall not have this range.)
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