More than an Identifier ...but... less than a Name

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Thu Jan 20 11:37:53 PST 2011

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Here is the perfect kind of grist for the CAP-ites
to chew on.
Today, SCSI has Identifier, which are short-lived numbers
that identify something (e.g., Command IDs, formerly Tags,
identify one command as the Q in an I_T_L_Q nexus).
SCSI also has Names, which are long-lived constructs that
uniquely identify something (e.g., a logical unit name).
What is the right term for something in the middle (neither
short- nor long-lived) that identifies something (e.g.,
the pile of point-in-time logical block copies in a
Copy Offload operation (such as was discussed in Irvine)?
The current proposal says "token".
If there are better ideas, please post them to this reflector.
All the best,
P.S. Whatever gets chosen will be around for a long time.
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