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Information for attendees at the T10 meeting starting 11-Jan-11
1.	 The Hyatt Irvine provides free shuttle service to and from the
airport.  If you choose to taxi, the cost is $5-$10 depending on how good a
tipper you are.
2.	 If you are driving from the airport, the unmarked right turn just
before you get to Jamboree does lead to the hotel round-about.	Be sure to
use the self-park if you want the parking included in the room rate.
3.	 For those staying at the hotel, breakfast, parking, and internet
are included in the room rate.	There are no breakfast coupons.  The
breakfast covers the buffet at the 6ix Street Grill.  Charge it to your room
and it should disappear into the ether.  Self-park Is covered, but not valet
parking.  Your room key will get you in and out of the self-park area.
4.	 For people not staying at the hotel, parking in the Self-Park is
still covered.	You will need to ask the attendant for the exit code, just
mention you are with the WD/T10 meeting.
5.	 A passcode for wireless internet will be provided in the meeting
rooms.	This will be separate from the wireless in the guest rooms.  They
tell me the guest room credentials should not work.
6.	 A snack break will be provided at 2pm Monday - Thursday.
7.	 The hotel has a couple restaurants for lunch.	For those of us
wanting to get out, there are a variety of places a 5 min drive away.
8.	 We are currently expecting mid 60's during the day and mid 40's at
night for the duration of the meeting.	No rain, wind, earthquakes, fires,
snow, or any combination thereof are in the forecast.  Very boring.
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