ADC-3 rev 04c is posted

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Editorial changes recommended by Rob Elliot were incorporated.	(Thanks
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I'm posting this for Paul Stone, the ADC-3 editor.  Unless anyone finds
changes that need to be made, this rev will be scrubbed of change
information and reposted as rev 5.  That will be the revision I'll
propose sending to INCITS for 1PR.
Letter ballot comment resolution documents are posted as 11-050.
Letter ballot comment resolution status:
  0  comments remaining to be addressed by ADI WG
  0  comments remaining to be processed by the editor
  6  comments 'canceled' as duplicates
 15  comments rejected by WG
202  comments accepted by WG and incorporated by the editor
223 Total comments
Change bars reflect all of the stuff which was changed over the entirety
of letter ballot comment resolution.
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