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Mon Apr 25 19:13:00 PDT 2011

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We are going to do an experiment at this meeting by using a WebEx conference
for sharing the projector.  If you are unable to attend the SOx meeting on
26-Apr, I will be making the WebEx link available outside the meeting as
well.  The conference bridge and WebEx will be set for listen only, you will
not be able to speak to the people at the meeting through the bridge.  You
will be able to chat with people in the meeting room using the WebEx chat.
I plan on brining the conference up 8:30 to 8:45am PDT and will be
monitoring the audio bridge to keep everyone muted.  Please do not unmute
yourself, all you will do is create audio noise for the other listeners.  If
this goes well, I will publish the same info for the meeting on 27-Apr.
CURTIS STEVENS invites you to an online meeting using WebEx.
Meeting Number: 743 752 745
Meeting Password: This meeting does not require a password. 
To join this meeting (Now from iPhones too!)
1. Go to
2. Enter the meeting password: This meeting does not require a password. 
3. Click "Join Now".
4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
Teleconference information
Call-in toll-free number (Premiere): 1-866-546-3377  (US)
Call-in number (Premiere): 1-719-234-7872  (US)
Show global numbers:
Attendee access code: 982 762 9443
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