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There will be a single well-known ROD token type in the next version of
11-080 and 11-059, and the name of this will be changed to reflect exactly
what it is.  The purpose of that predefined ROD token will be to serve as a
source of zeroes for the WRITE USING TOKEN command in 11-059 - to be precise,
when the WRITE USING TOKEN command presents that predefined ROD token as a
source of data, the written user data is all 0’s and the written protection
information, if any, is all F’s.
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Subject: Question about ROD token "well-known" type
I am wondering about the 'well-known ROD token type' as mentioned on page 4
of the 11-080 proposal. There is no description of how this is used, except
to say this: Editor’s Note: First two bytes of the type currently indicate
the token format, except for FF which is for exceptions. For the well-known
SBC-3 tokens, see 11-059.
But I can't find any mention of this in the 11-059 doc.
Can somebody point me in the right direction?
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