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Transmitter training
Channel analysis
Decoupling feedback
New items
Regarding the usage model concept, I had a discussion with Harry Mason. I'm
wondering if we could take a rather simplified approach. The majority of
external cables are in the 6 meter range. Beyond that length, the usage
drops off. We now have active cables that cover the extended reaches for
those "rare" use cases. Could we assume a 6 meter external cable and then
split the rest of the loss between the two remaining ends if we would assume
something in the range of an 8 meter cable loss? That gives a loss
distribution so that we could have an end to end budget. One comment made on
the Tuesday connector call was the drive always has to assume a full maximum
channel loss. We have been discussing amplitude adjustment as part of the
transmitter training if someone wanted to optimize power for lower loss
channels. If we have a phy capability of an 8 meter cable loss, that would
be the loss model for the maximum loss TxRx connection whether internal
(totally controlled) or the usage model of the 6 meter external cable for
designing the loss between the phy and the connector that has an external
cable. i know this is a simple approach, but what about it? I could see us
getting wrapped up in too many usage models if we don't come up with sort of
simple approach that makes it easy for the end user to assemble different
retail pieces from different manufacturers.
I'd like to take a straw poll on transmitter training concerning the number
of commands. Do we go with the constant t swing and amplitude adjustment
with 7 commands or add the non-constant swing options for a total of 11
commands. I didn't sense that the Maxim option 3 approach had enough support
when it was discussed on the call. I think we need to make this decision no
later than at the May meeting.
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