Request Sense Handling of Deferred Errors

Truong Nguyen - SISA tru.nguyen at
Mon Apr 11 20:33:20 PDT 2011

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The Request Sense command definition in subclause 6.29 SPC4r30 states
that the "device server shall return Check Condition status for a
Request Sense command only to report exception conditions specific to
the Request Sense command itself".
Deferred errors may be indicated by returning Check Condition status as
defined in subclause 4.5.5 in SPC4r30.
In the event that the device server detects a deferred error condition,
and then subsequently receives a Request Sense command, should the
deferred error cause a Check Condition status to be returned for the
Request Sense command? It would seem not, but some clarification would
be appreciated.
Truong Nguyen
Samsung Information Systems America

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