Implementation of SYNC_NV bit

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For read and write commands, the question is not so important because the
choice only applies to the data transferred during that command and
therefore will not cause such a large performance difference compared to a
SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command that transfers no data but may cause the movement
of several Gbytes of data to "media". It is important from a standards
consistency point of view, however. If the SYNC_NV definition were changed,
the FUA_NV should change with it.
It is also getting harder to decide what is "media" and what is "cache". For
instance, a hybrid drive may keep many Gbytes of data stored in non-volatile
flash memory (for faster performance). Does this count as cache or as media,
|from the point of view of how the SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command uses those
terms? Perhaps all non-volatile memory could be treated as "media" and not
need to be synchronized (except as a background task).
The same question should apply to the FUA vs. FUA_NV bits in the READ and
WRITE commands.
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My company has been reviewing the definition of the SYNC_NV bit in the

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