New Bitmaps on Disk Proposal posted

Roger Cummings roger_cummings at
Fri Jul 9 14:26:34 PDT 2010

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At long last, I've posted another revision of the Bitmaps on Disk
proposal, see:
Most of the changes in this version relate to the model section, as we
had spent some time at the last CAP meeting at which this was discussed
moving text from the command descriptions into that section. 
Given the extreme length of time since the last revision, I've made this
a clean new revision with no change bars. There's a description of the
changes made at the beginning of the proposal.	I've already provided a
version with changes since the last revision marked to the people who
have provided me with comments, and will be glad to provide that version
on request to anyone else - please contact me directly.
Apologies for the extreme delay in getting back to this work.
Best Regards,
Roger Cummings
roger_cummings at

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