Clarify between decimal bytes and binary bytes

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I can't find any MB, Mb, MiB, or any other such similar unit used in SPC
or SBC.  Every unit that is used is very clearly defined.
I'll be interested to see exactly what it is you are proposing to
I agree marketing literature often has a problem in this area, but we
don't use marketing style language in the T10 standards.
		Fred Knight
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Subject: Clarify between decimal bytes and binary bytes
I believe that the time has come to clear up confusion in the industry
about the units used in T10 standards.	There should be a clause added
in each of the standards describing the difference between decimal bytes
(e.g., MB = 10^6) and binary bytes (e.g., MiB = 2^20).	There has been
this definition in IEC for since Dec 1998. 
I hesitate to bring in a solo proposal to modify SSC-4 or even SPC-4
when this issue should apply to all standards. 
Does anybody disagree that T10 should clarify the units being used in
our standards? 
What is the preferred manner in which we should proceed to make sure
this clarification is added to each standard? 
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