Clarify between decimal bytes and binary bytes

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Wed Jul 7 10:17:20 PDT 2010

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This is long overdue. I applaud you bringing this up.
> I believe that the time has come to clear up confusion in the industry 
> about the units used in T10 standards.  There should be a clause added 
> in each of the standards describing the difference between decimal 
> bytes (e.g., MB = 10^6) and binary bytes (e.g., MiB = 2^20).	There 
> has been this definition in IEC for since Dec 1998.
> References:
> I hesitate to bring in a solo proposal to modify SSC-4 or even SPC-4 
> when this issue should apply to all standards.
> Does anybody disagree that T10 should clarify the units being used in 
> our standards?
> What is the preferred manner in which we should proceed to make sure 
> this clarification is added to each standard?
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