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Thanks for that information. At this point my only recourse seems be to
request SPL be changed to conform with the current SFF- 8485. When (or if)
SFF-8485 is updated then we can change SPL-2 to match it.
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Hi George,
> Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?
Only the obvious: publish a Rev 0.8 of SFF-8085 which synchronizes with
SFF-8485 was sent to editor Barry Olawsky's backburner because SFF-8636
Common Management Interface and SFF-8449 Mini Multilane Series Management
Interface were deemed higher priority at T10. You may have just altered
I don't know how easy producing a new revision would be, or how long it would
take, that is Barry's call.
If there is a schedule issue, we can handle that with accelerated balloting.
All the best,
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