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The following comment was accepted during SAS-2 letter ballot, however, there
is no SFF-8485 revision 0.8 the last version was 0.7 and that is the version
that has been published. As a result in SPL we now have two SMP functions
that reference non-existent GPIO functions. Anyone have any suggestions on
how to fix this?
Author: RElliott
Subject: Note
Date: 8/28/2008 12:52:50 PM -07'00'
ACCEPT - DONE (7/14 obsolete codes 02h and 82h. Assign new codes for new
modern versions added to SFF-8485 revision 0.8)
7/9 yes change them. SFF-8485 is open for changes now...)
SFF-8485's READ GPIO REGISTER (02h) and WRITE GPIO REGISTER (82h) functions
do not have room for the ALLOCATED
Define new versions of them following the SAS-2 format, and obsolete these
function codes.
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