New SPC-4 Log Page cleanup doc uploaded

Ralph Weber roweber at
Mon Jul 5 07:49:23 PDT 2010

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* Ralph Weber <roweber at>
I have uploaded a new revision of the SPC-4 log page
cleanup document ... this time with *all* the SPC-4-
defined log pages covered. Phew!
There are bookmarks for about a half dozen open issues,
and I expect the CAP discussion for some of them to be
very interesting. (Translation: this snowball would not
survive ten seconds on a Houston sidewalk today. There
will be a return visit to CAP in September, bet on it.)
Therefore, to optimize the usage of CAP time, please
send FDFs with your editorial and/or nit-picking
comments directly to me. I will either roll them into
r6, or open them to a wider CAP discussion (more likely
for nits with which I disagree).
Happy reviewing of this Sominex-substitute 83-page
cornucopia of middling changes.
All the best,
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