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SAS 2.1
New LB comment discussion items [Cox]
	Tbd’s for microSAS
	Figure updates
	Mini SAS HD numbering and lane location
	SAS-2.1 StatEye ReadMe File
	SATA 3.0 inclusion
	Optical OOB
SAS-2.1: SCD21 Limit Proposal for Passive Cables (10-008) [Rost]
Short cables have trouble meeting the SCD21 limit. This proposal suggested 
removing the SCD21 requirement and adding SCD21-SDD21 limit of -10dB up to 
6GHz. The group was not comfortable with this proposal. 
Barry will finish processing his data and post the touchstone file. 
Michael will supply touchstone files next week to allow for additional 
evaluation by multiple people.
There is a real test challenge to have this much common mode applied to 
the receiver under test. It almost requires a bad channel example to be 
able to test. This item is still open and needs much work to resolve. More 
data will be available for discussion on the conference call.
SAS 3.0 channel modeling requirements (10-023) [Felton]
Consider this a starting point to determine what we need for channel 
There was a concern voiced that the start frequency was dropped from 50 
MHz to 10 MHz. What is the equipment capability?
2MHz steps require too many points and may imply that the measurement 
needs to go down to 2MHz.
How far up does the measurement need to go? 5x nyquist is probably too 
high. Need to use actual hardware for a basis to determine what is 
Change format line as follows: Export in linear magnitude and phase angle 
Improvements to drive connector?
SAS-3 SPL Back Channel (10-025) [Newman, Day]
Additional items?
Toll Free Dial in Number: (877)810-9442 
International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (636)651-3190 
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