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Mon Jan 25 11:18:35 PST 2010

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Below are some comments on the latest uas r03a draft doc.
sec. 4.3, 2nd to last paragraph, 2nd to last sentence: reads "After  
the last byte of data is transferred and acknowledged, the UAS target  
device shall return a SENSE IU on the Status pipe to indicate command  
completion."  However, for a "no-data" command, there is no statement  
of when the SENSE IU shall be returned (as there will be no "last byte	
of data ... transferred and acknowledged..."
sec. 6.2.3, sec. 6.2.4, sec. 6.2.7: These sections don't contain the  
statement requiring these IUs to be in their own USB packet (as stated	
for COMMAND IU, SENSE IU and RESPONSE IU.  Either this statement  
should be included "The XXX IU shall be contained in a single USB  
packet and shall not share a USB packet with any other Information  
Unit.".  Or it should be stated explicitly that these IUs are allowed  
to be combined in a single USB packet.
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