SSC-4: Locate to EOD of partition x

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at
Tue Jan 19 11:03:14 PST 2010

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I have been asked if there is currently a method to locate to the EOD of a 
specified partition (e.g., change partition and go to EOD) without a Check 
Condition.  In my research I see no method to do this in a single command. 
 If you are currently in partition x you can Space EOD and not get a check 
condition.  But, if the current position is in partition y you must use a 
locate to change partition.  You can specify a locate to a very large 
number and - depending on implementation - may or may not find yourself at 
EOD after a Check Condition.
I was also asked if the SSC-4 WG would like to define a method to 
accomplish this.
If we believe it is useful, and I do, I would suggest we add a bit to the 
Locate(16) command that specifies EOD is the destination of the Locate 
command.  Then we could change partition and locate to EOD in one command 
without getting a Check Condition.  I thought that would be better than 
adding EOD as a Dest_type value as I view that as qualifying the Logical 
Identifier field.
What do you think?
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