[SAT query]Simultaneous support for security protocol - "Device Server Password Security" and "TCG"

Nilesh Govande nileshgovande at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 02:58:38 PST 2010

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Hello All,
This is a query regarding SECURITY PROTOCOL IN / OUT
As per Sept  16, 2009 SAT2R09 Table "Table 130 — SPC commands allowed
in the presence of various ATA security modes (part 3 of 3)"
The command SECURITY PROTOCOL OUT with TCG (Security protocol set to
value 1 to 6) is said to 'Conflict' even when security state is
'Unlocked or
Disabled’. Does this mean that a SATL cannot support both 'Device
Server Password Security' and 'TCG' security standards simultaneously?
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