March T10 reminder

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I'm not Crystal, but I know the area well, as I was at another meeting
at the same hotel a couple of weeks ago :-).
The Sainte Claire hotel is in downtown San Jose, a short cab ride (10-15
min, except for rush hours) from the San Jose airport.	Parking in
downtown San Jose runs $15-20/day.  The VTA light rail line goes right
by the front door of the hotel - for the San Jose airport, take the free
#10 VTA bus to/from the Metro/Airport station, but check schedules first
as VTA transit service has been reduced recently.
I'd take a cab or public transit (cab is quick as long as it's not rush
hour).	A rental car is only a good idea if you also need to go to
places that the light rail doesn't serve.  
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I am trying to decide if I should rent a car or take a cab.  Do you have
any recommendations? 
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March T10 reminder 
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If you're planning on attending the T10, hosted by JDSU, please remember
to book your rooms now by using the online reservations link:
up=GASN18&arrive=03/07/10&depart=03/12/10>  or by calling the hotel
directly at (408) 295-2000 or toll free (866) 870-0726 and asking for
the T10/STA group. More information is located at
<; . 
Our reservation cut-off date is a week from today so reserve your room
this week!! 
Crystal Black 
Marketing Programs Manager 
JDSU, Test and Measurement 
240-404-3117 at 	

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