Comment on SPC-4 rev. 24

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at
Wed Apr 28 14:09:40 PDT 2010

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SPC-4 rev. 24 incorporates a number of new proposals, including 09-357r4.
09-357 added a two bit field to the Power Condition mode page but let the
SPC-4 editor choose the location. I see that the editor choose byte 2, bits
7 and 6.
Another proposal that has been in process for quite a while (10-115, which
is a reincarnation of 09-085) already proposes to use byte 2 bits 7and 6
plus byte 3 bits 7 and 6 for another purpose. I believe the use of these bit
locations for this proposal should be honored.
If the rest of the T10 group agrees, I propose that the T10 editor place the
PM_BG_PRECEDENCE field in byte 2 bits 5 and 4 instead. I suspect the SPC-4
editor will want an agenda item at the CAP meeting so the group can make its
preference known -- if so I would like this item to appear on the CAP

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