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Mon Apr 12 14:37:17 PDT 2010

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In case you haven't noticed there was a new version of SPL posted last week.
It contains changes related to letter ballot comments that I have addressed
after a pass through all the comments received. Most of these changes
represent minor editorial requests. All changes are marked with strikeouts
and underlines. I suggest anyone who cares about such things to take a quick
pass through 6b to see if there is anything you don't like as I do not plan
on spending much, if any, any time on the changes in this revision. 
The comments resolution document is 10-141. If you made comments you can
determine the status for those comments by importing the 10-141 fdf into a
clean version of SPL-r06a. 
If the comment is checked it's done and I do not plan on discussing it any
further, so if you have an issue with a comment that is checked you will have
to bring it up otherwise you will not hear about it, any more, from me. 
If a comment is accepted or rejected, and not checked then I have modified
the requested change and believe it should be looked at by the working group.
If a comment has not accepted or rejected then the working group will get to
decide its fate.
Your PDF file will be posted at:
Non-PDF File(s) that will be posted are:
   10-141r0.fdf will be posted as 10-141r0.fdf
Bye for now, 
George Penokie
LSI Corporation 
3033 41st St. NW 
Suite 100 
Rochester, MN 55901
george.penokie at lsi.com
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