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Wed Apr 7 08:49:25 PDT 2010

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Windows is limited to 16-byte CDBs.  The Windows SCSI_REQUEST_BLOCK
structure and SCSI_PASS_THROUGH structures both have the CDB defined as:
UCHAR Cdb[16];
Thus there is no way that I am aware of to submit a 32-byte CDB to a device
under Windows.	Although only indirectly related to t10, I know the members
that subscribe to this reflector are involved in this area so I wanted to
pose these questions here:
1.)  Is there a method under Windows to submit a 32-byte CDB?
2.)  If #1 is no, are there any HBA vendors / miniport driver writers that
provide a private API to submit such a CDB.  Perhaps an IOCTL_SCSI_MINIPORT?
Mike Berhan
busTRACE Technologies
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