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The minutes are correct. I recorded a lot of editorial comments during the
meeting but, at the meeting but I didn't request a new version of the
proposal be generated as the changes where ones that I would have made during
incorporation if I would have seen them. But I came to my senses when I
looked at again last week and decided to create a rev 5 that would be exactly
what I would put into SPL so as to not to bury any changes.
So that's why there is a rev 5.
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I have noted that the minutes of the Sept. Plenary meeting record that
09-063r4 was accepted for inclusion in SPL. Should the minutes actually state
"rev. 4 as ammended during the meeting" or perhaps say "rev. 5"? If the
minutes are actually correct (that rev. 4 was accepted) then what would be
the status of rev. 5?

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