What is "registry" in Key Exchange payload?

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You're looking for Table 448 in  (I have SPC-4r20, with
luck this didn't get renumbered in the 20a version).  The header info
is already specified in Table 423 in, so a second header is
not used.  Instead, go to either RFC 3526 or RFC 4753 from Table 448
in order to figure out how to represent the DH group value.
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	Subject: What is "registry" in Key Exchange payload?
	In SPC-4r20a, Key Exchange payload 
	In the fifth paragraph <<The KEY EXCHANGE DATA field contains
the sender's Diffie-Hellman public value for this key exchange. The
format of 
	key exchange data is as specified in the reference cited in that
registry for the value used.>> it references a "registry".  To what
registry is this referring? 
	I'm trying to figure out exactly what data gets passed between
host and drive during this Diffie-Hellman step.  RFC 4306 pre-pends 8
bytes of header-type information, but don't know if that applies to the
IKEv2-SCSI implementation as well (at least in this field). 
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