Missing information in SP27:SAS_Settings state

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The SP transmitter and receiver section already covers that with "When not
otherwise instructed, the SP transmitter transmits D.C. idle."	Without that
rule, numerous other states would have to repeat the same rule, not just
SP27.  A few states (SP8, SP9, and SP28) that transmit nothing at all do say
"During this state D.C. idle shall be transmitted".  For consistency it's
probably simpler to delete those rather than try to add a similar rule to all
the other affected states.
Editorially, the SP state machine cannot "transmit OOB idle" - only the SP
transmitter does that.	There is no Transmit OOB Idle message defined for the
SP state machine to send to the SP transmitter, either.  That's the reason
for the passive wording in SP8, SP9, and SP28.
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Subject: Missing information in SP27:SAS_Settings state
In the SP27:SAS_Settings state there is no information as to what the SP
transmitter should transmit after the Phy Capabilities Bits are transmitted
and before SNTT expires. The Phy Capabilities Bits transmitted message is
received from the SP transmitter into SP27 in the state machine figure but
there is not text description in the state description that uses that
The requirement as shown in section SNW-3 is to transmit D.C.
idle for the remainder of SNTT. This changes to transmit OOB idle for the
remainder of SNTT as a result of 08-439r3 being accepted.
I will add the following words to SP27 in SPL r2 as editorial as it will add
no new technical requirements to SPL:
After this state receives a Phy Capabilities Bits Transmitter message this
state shall transmit OOB idle.
If anyone has objections or would like different wording let me know by
Bye for now,
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