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SAT2r6 states in table 45 that if the power condition is 03 - standby then
"If the ATA flush command was sent (step 2) and completes
without error, then the SATL shall send an ATA STANDBY IMMEDIATE command to
the ATA device;"
However, SBCr17 states that if a START STOP UNIT command is processed with
the POWER CONDITION field set to ACTIVE, IDLE, or STANDBY, then:
a) the logical unit shall transition to the specified power condition; and
b) the device server shall disable the idle condition timer if it is active
(see SPC-4) and disable the standby condition timer if it is active (see
SPC-4) until another START STOP UNIT command is processed that returns
control of the power condition to the logical unit, or a logical unit reset
This requires disabling the standby condition timer.  This would require
setting the count field to zero in the STANDBY command sent to the ATA
Was there a reason for not setting the count field to zero, or was this an
oversight?  I did not find any comment addressing this in the letter ballot
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