Late Letter Ballot comment for FCP-4

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Agree and already done...thanks...Dave
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Subject: Late Letter Ballot comment for FCP-4
I wish to add the following comment to the FCP-4 Letter Ballot database.
FCP-4 should be dedicated to Bob Snively.
Edited the original FCP as well as FCP-2. Many of the concepts in FCP 
can be traced to Bob's initiative.
Adding an FCP-4 dedication to Bob is fully consistent with T10
(e.g., Bill Spence in SPI and Gene Milligan in SPI-4 and SBC-2).
All the best,
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Subject:	[T11.3] Sad News	
Date:	Mon, 19 Jan 2009 20:57:16 -0800 
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I am extremely saddened to inform you that Bob Snively passed away last
Saturday morning. Bob's contributions to T10, T11, and the storage
industry in general have had, and continue to have far reaching impact
on all of us and our respective companies. Bob will be greatly missed
both as a friend and as a colleague.
Bob's family has asked me to let you know that in lieu of a service
there will be a Celebration of Life in honor of Bob this April. As
details become available I will forward those on to you. 
Also, Bob's family has requested that no flowers be sent to their home.
Instead they have requested that we provide any stories or anecdotes
about Bob so that they can be included in a scrapbook for his
grandchildren. I will provide an email address to you over the next few
days where these may be sent.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Steven Wilson
Director, Technology and Standards
Phone: 408-333-8128
Cell: 408-307-2149
email: swilson at

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