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Thu Jan 15 18:17:25 PST 2009

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I am getting a number of queries about the new Access Control form when
attempting to retrieve a document on www.t10.org. 
T10 members can enter their password in the first part of this form; they do
not need to fill out the bottom part of the form. (If you don't know your
password, use the form at: http://www.t10.org/members/pswdhelp.htm )
People who are not T10 members do not need a password. They need to fill out
the bottom part of the form, including all of the required fields. The box at
the bottom of the form must be checked to signify that you have read the
INCITS Guest Notification. When you click the Submit button, the document you
attempted to access should then be displayed.
The Access Control script stores a small cookie on your machine that makes it
skip displaying the Access Control form thereafter. If you keep seeing the
Access Control form (on the same machine/browser) then you do not have
persistent cookies enabled for t10.org. To enable cookies using MS Internet
Explorer, go to Tools - Internet Options - Privacy - Sites. On Firefox, go to
Tools - Options - Privacy - Cookies. Other browsers have similar controls,
but I do not know exactly where they are.
Unfortunately, the INCITS Policies and Guidelines require these changes on
document access. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble.
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