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Some additional points for those attending next week's T10 meetings:
All of the links to directions given in the meeting announcement,
Directions from Orlando Airport (MCO):
Directions from  Daytona Beach (DAB):
Directions from  Sanford (SFB):
still work. Note that these directions are NOT included in meeting
announcement at
HOWEVER for some reason, just this week Google maps has taken to setting
a route from Orlando International Airport to the hotel that involves
taking surface roads to join up with I-4, and is complex to follow
around the airport. While that route will work, and may avoid all tolls,
I'd still personally recommend using the Greeneway as follows:
   a)	      Head towards the North exit from Orlando International
Airport, and then take the first ramp on the right which signposted to
   b)	      After 3.9 miles, take EXIT 16 towards SR-417/ TAMPA/
   c)	      After 0.3 miles, take the SR-417-TOLL North exit on the
LEFT toward ORLANDO/ SANFORD (see below for info on the tolls on
   d)	      After about 28 miles, take the RINEHART ROAD exit, EXIT
   e)	      At the end of the ramp, turn LEFT onto RINEHART RD;
   f)	       After about 1.5 miles turn RIGHT onto HE THOMAS JR PKWY,
and cross over I-4;
   g)	      After about 0.7 miles, turn LEFT onto INTERNATIONAL PKWY,
and then take the second left turn into the Marriott.
This route from Orlando Airport avoids downtown Orlando and the busy
stretch of I-4, but involves paying three tolls - two of 50c each and
one of $2. There are exact change lanes at the first two toll booths, so
bring some quarters, or see item #2 below. 
Also, if you're following other directions from Orlando Airport that go
via SR-408 and I-4, there's a 75c toll on that route too!
Note that the last step of each of the sets of directions from Google
Maps is incorrect - it is no longer necessary to make a U-turn on
International Parkway at Heathrow Park Lane - you can instead take the
2nd left on International Parkway directly into the hotel complex.
If you're planning to rent a car from Avis, Budget, or Hertz, check if
you can take advantage of a scheme called PlatePass that lets rental
cars use the automated EPass or SunPass lanes (including the full speed
ones) on Florida tollways without needing a radio tag. See for more information. 
The cost of this scheme is $2.50 for each day you use it, plus the
normal tolls. It's charged back to your car rental company, who
typically make a separate charge on your credit card. You can get
receipts for the PlatePass charges from the website listed above,
although when I used the scheme in 2007 took 2 weeks for the receipt to
be listed.
It's important to make sure you're covered by this scheme in advance
because otherwise using those same lanes without a radio tag is a
violation that normally results in a minimum $150 fine per instance. 
If you're planning to drive from the Orlando airport to the hotel in
rush hour, PlatePass will likely save you 10 minutes on the trip.
There's a good real time travel & traffic reporting system available by
calling 511 on your mobile phone, or at:
Select Orlando as the Preset Region, and select the Congestion Layer.
4) MAP
If you'd like a good single sheet map of the major roads in Central
Florida (including toll booths), please see:
On this map the hotel is located near the top center of the map close to
CR 46A just west of the junction with I-4.
The forecast for next week calls for mostly sunny days with highs around
70, and overnight lows in the high 40s. The probability of precipitation
is 30% for Sunday, and 10% or less for the other days.
The hotel has been undergoing an upgrade recently, and I'm told that now
MOST of the sleeping rooms now conform to the "next generation room"
displayed at - see specifically the
"plug in" section. So if you'd like to attach your laptop or DVD player
to the panel for the LCD TV, my strong advice is to bring the correct
cables with you from home.
I'm sorry, there will NOT be a reception this week - in the current
economic situation it couldn't be justified.
However, I've a guide to the restaurants in the area around the hotel as
09-037r0. See for
the interactive version.
One final point: If anyone who has made a reservation at the hotel has
to cancel, could they please let me know by replying to this message?
This is just so that my numbers for the catering are accurate.
I look forward to seeing everyone next week. 
Roger Cummings
roger_cummings at

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