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> Thank You for the replies.
> I have one last question. If USB2.0 supports multiple command
> processing, here is the scenario where I am getting problem
> If “UAS initiator port” issues a READ command followed by WRITE
> command, the SENSE_IU (of READ command) data buffer is getting filled
> with the data of WRITE_READY issued for WRITE command by the “UAS
> target port” at the HCD level.
> This is happening because when UAS Initiator port is expecting
> SENSE_IU (for READ Command) the UAS target port sent WRITE_READY (for
> WRITE Command) to UAS Initiator port on same pipe.
> I am assuming that the READ and WRITE can be processed simultaneously
> at “UAS target port” and there is no verification of Tag values of
> request and response at HCD level in USB 2.0.
I'm in midway of the implementation. Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,
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