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SAS 2.1 r03 has been posted on the T10 site. Changes include:
Incorporated these:
a) 09-084r3 SAS2-1 QSFP+ Draft Spec Proposal (Tom Palkert, Luxtera)
b) 09-212r1 Common Mode Delta Specification in Low Power Mode (Kevin Witt, 
c) 09-218r4 Proposal for Impedance, Return Loss and Prop Delay Spec for 
SAS 2.1 Active Cables
(Gourgen Oganessyan, Quellan)
d) 09-220r0 JTF Specification Modification Proposal (Mathieu Gagnon, 
e) 09-226r2 SAS-2.1 incorporation of high-density connectors into 
specification (Alvin Cox, Seagate; Jay
Neer, Molex)
f) 09-243r0 SAS 2.1 deletion of 4x connectors (Alvin Cox, Seagate)
g) 09-260r0 Micro-SAS Input for SAS 2.1 (Dan Gorenc, Tyco Electronics)
h) Correction of SCD21 designator on Figure 81.
I also updated the reference to SATA 3.0 since it has been released.
Change bars are included. I missed deleting the previous change bars in 
5.10 (OOB) from adding optical for rev 02. The other change bars should be 
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