New versions of Bitmaps on Disk proposal for tomorrow's atomic commands call

Roger Cummings roger_cummings at
Wed Aug 12 10:39:26 PDT 2009

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I've just uploaded a new revision of the Bitmaps on Disk - Detailed
Changes proposal (09-262r1) for discussion at tomorrow's atomic commands
call. You can access the new revision @:
I've incorporated all of the requests from the CAP meeting, with the
exception of dragging all of the tables associated with the Protection
Information Model from the existing ORWRITE (16) text into the ORWRITE
(32) command introduction. I didn't make that change because we didn't
get all of the way through the proposal at the CAP meeting, and hence I
thought making that big of a change in mid-review would add some
confusion. I will make those changes for the next revision after the
call tomorrow.
Roger Cummings
roger_cummings at

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