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08-184 rev. 7 (More idle power options) has been posted to the T10 web
site. This revision includes changes requested at the Nov. 5 CAP meeting.
This will be the base document for discussion at the Nov. 19 10::00 am CST
teleconference on this subject.
I plan to start with discussion of parts of the proposal that were not
discussed at the Nov. CAP meeting. This includes the START STOP UNIT
command, the new Power Condition Inquiry VPD page, the additions to the
Start Stop Cycle Counter log page, the new Power Condition Transitions log
page, and the Power Condition mode page. If we get through all of this then
the new SPL power condition model section and the other model sections may
be reviewed.
I encourage folks to point out minor editorial errors ahead of time, so I
can simply announce those fixes during the telecon and save more time for
discussing the major issues. Thanks to everyone that has helped make this
proposal better during previous reviews.
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